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IMPACTTickets.png is a Black-owned National Ticket Delivery System focused on making sporting and live entertainment events more affordable through Low Fees and our unique E-Ticket – Impact Tickets GET YOU IN FOR LESS. The platform is a full-service, integrated ticketing solution built on speed and flexibility. It is Simple, Reliable, and Very Secure. The framework is built to evolve with new technologies ensuring that you will always have the best available tool, regardless of purchasing a ticket to an event or promoting one. is scalable and can serve all operations from professional sports and university and K-12 athletics, arenas, nightclubs, festivals, events registration, merchandise sales, and attractions to museums and nonprofits events.


Impact Ticket's mission is to shake up the ticket industry by employing a sound strategy, collaboration, innovation, and a solid commitment to LOWER FEES and GIVING BACK.


Impact Ticket's impact Is Low Fees & Giving Back because we believe that is our responsibility. And we take it very seriously!

We believe communities grow when money flows back into them, and they suffer when it only flows out. That is why they established the ImpactGiveBack (IGB) program. The IGB program has been established to give back a certain percentage of Impact Tickets’ profits to schools, colleges and universities, and nonprofits to help them further their goals of serving others.

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